Magicshine® Eagle M2 Front Bike Light

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The Eagle M2 LED headlight for bike holds 6xCREE XP-G2 LEDs giving an actual lumen output of 2400! The Eagle eye design uses orange side lights to enhance sideways visibility. Three options of output, the top 3 LEDs give a spot beam which aims at better throw into the distance, good for road cycling or less technical trails, while the lower 3 LEDs give a huge spread of beam over your path and peripherals for more technical terrains. If you choose to light all six together you have the perfect output to suit almost every type of rider.

Five power modes from 10, 20, 50, 75, to 100% to beam patterns can be controlled by the buttons on top of the light head or the handlebar mountable remote. Default battery is 4 cell 5.2Ah capacity able to sustain full beam full brightness for 2.3 hours. If only one beam pattern is engaged, burntime is doubled. Two rubber straps for the battery provide a very solid hold even over rough terrains.

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led headlamp for bike

bike light
A001 B0022016031909035101 (1)led headlamp for bike

led headlamp for bike C000 bike light
Eagle M2 Magicshine Eagle M2Eagle M2 led headlight for bikeled headlight for bike

MTB Bicycle Headlight

MTB Bicycle Headlight

LED headlamp for bike
MTB Bicycle Headlight

The Eagle M2 LED headlamp for bike holds 6*CREE XP-G2’s LEDs giving an actual lumen output of 2400! 

Magicshine have cracked the beam pattern problem with this MTB headlight, we’ve realized that all need versatility when you’re riding. The chance to use a spot on the road and then a wider beam when you’re off road, sometimes you need both. Well this light has it all. the top LEDs give a nice spot beam where the lower ones spread the beam far and wide, you can choose between either or have them all on for the ultimate beam swap between them all using the wireless remote button.

As always Magicshine lights are pretty simple to use. Once you’ve synchronized the remote and the head unit you’re off, it’s simple to do and the instructions are included. Play around with the beam pattern, swapping around the intensity and beam spread until you’re happy and you’re away, changing your options couldn’t be easier or safer with the remote button. You’ll wonder what you did without this light.

Magicshine Eagle M2 comes with a 5.2Ah 7.4V standard battery, giving around 2.4 hours of run time on full power. The connectors have been upgraded. Battery power is indicated on the lit section of LEDs on top of the light 5 bars and you’ve got full power all the way down to one, when you need to whack it down the output range and hurry home.

Here’s where the Magicshine Eagle series comes into it’s own, no longer relying on the ‘o’ ring system for mounting the Eagle M2 bike light mount fits to your bike in a couple of minutes using the allen key which is provided and then stays put until you decide you need to remove it.. When you do want to remove the light from your bike to keep it safe from the more unscrupulous in our society, you just simply unclip the light head and away you go. Simple, quick and very clever.

Magicshine Eagle M2 in the Press—

Bike Radar

LED headlamp for bike

20160707091601The Eagle M2 is a new unit from lighting specialist Magicshine. It uses a two-row LED arrangement with three lower floods and three upper spots. Excellent versatility, coverage and value, superb value MTB lighting. With a maximum output of 2,400 lumens, the Eagle M2 is a seriously bright light when you need it to be, a wide spread/short reach light for climbing or a narrow spread/long reach light for fireroad blasting. The head unit detaches easily from the stable, semi-permanent bar clamp and the hard case battery has twin rubber straps for security plus a Velcro strap to keep the cable tidy. Magicshine reliability has always been good too. Weight: 173g (Unit) + 301g (Battery) = 474g

Mountain Bike Rider

20160707091601Magicshine Eagle M2 has six ultra-bright LEDs, with the three at the top projecting a spot beam, and the three on the bottom a wide flood. There are three light modes — you can run all six LEDs together or select between the two rows individually. Adjusting the brightness, and modes, can be done on the lamp itself or via an remote. The Eagle M2 creates a good pool of light close in around the wheel, which is great for technical riding, this should be on your wish list.

Box Contents

Magicshine Eagle M2 MTB headlight
Wireless remote control
Handlebar mount
Battery pack 7.4V 5.2Ah
Three straps
Allen key for mounting
Warranty card
User Manuaul, including remote synch module

Additional information

Weight 33 oz
Dimensions 7.87 × 6.3 × 3.15 in


Luminous flux

2400 Lumens (Max Actual Output)

Shell material

Aluminum alloy and plastic


Two top click switch & wireless remote control

Power modes and runtime

Full Beam:
2.3 hours @ 100%
4.2 hours @ 75%
8.2 hours @ 50%
14 hours @ 25%
18.6 hours @ 10%

Half Beam:
4.2 hours @ 100%
4.8 hours @ 75%
6.7 hours @ 50%
14 hours @ 25%
44 hours @ 10%


7.4V 5200mAh orange 4pin

Power indicator

5-LEDs/5-Modes Indicator

Waterproof rating




Net weight

Light head: 173g ( 6.1oz)
Battery pack: 301g ( 10.62oz)

24 reviews for Magicshine® Eagle M2 Front Bike Light

  1. NM Guy

    Great bang for the buck. I purchased this light for a 24 hour mountain bike race and it did not disappoint, especially for the price. I researched quite a few models before landing on this one. I was admittedly skeptical but quite surprised with it. Great light strength adjustments from an easy to use wireless controller. Great battery life very close to advertised specs.

  2. John P.

    The beam patterns and the five brightness levels work well. The controls are just a little confusing at first. For me, the wireless control is easier to use than the controls on the light. I was able to mount the wireless control on the inner edge of an ‘ergo style’ handlebar grip. The wireless control stays in place perfectly when mounted on the flat-ish sticky grip. The M2 appears to have rugged internal construction. The light never flickers, even when riding very rough trails. The handle bar mount system is plastic and doesn’t seem to be all that sturdy, but so far, all is good. This mount system is a step up from the rubber band light mounts. The M2 stays in place! I wish the Eagle M2 had a strobe mode for daylight and twilight riding. My previous older model MagicShine developed power connector problems. This new style connector system MAY have solved that issue. Just to be safe – be gentle when disconnecting the battery pack from the light or the charger. (A dab of silicone lubricant on the connectors wouldn’t hurt.) The M2 draws current even when the light is turned off. Disconnect the battery if the light will not be used for awhile to avoid a dead battery. The light draws approximately 25 milliamps (.025 amp) with the light in the “OFF” position and the battery connected. I’ve included a picture of the remote control mounted to the grip.

    “M” selects the light pattern (each time “M” is pressed the light pattern changes) “+” and “-” select the brightness level.
    The light remembers the settings if the light is turned off and back on again (as long as the battery is not disconnected).

    Summary: Great light at a good price point. The next step up in bike lights will set you back hundreds more.

  3. mrgondo

    Brightest 2400 Lumens Bike Light for the money! Niterider and Cygolite Killer!

    I was skeptical of being able to buy a 2400 Lumen Bike Light for Under $250 or even Under $150 but the good folks at Magicshine get the Price under $130.00 including a really neat wireless Remote Control that is easy to use even if you are wearing gloves. This LED light system turns night into day and has a wide and deep coverage pattern. With 6 high powered LEDs on tap there is almost an infinite combination of switch settings to give you near and far beam coverage with varying degrees of intensity allowing a very wide range of beam spread and controls of the intensity of the light beam.
    The light unit itself is ultra light with nicely designed heatsink and switches with large buttons.
    The headlight housing has a futuristic look when turned on or off and the external battery pack is water-proof with adjustable rubber straps to allow easy attachment to the bicycle frame. Included velcro straps make securing and attaching the battery cable to the frame a very easy task.
    Although this powerful Bike LED lighting system will be snapped up by most mountain bike rider, any one who rides an urban bike for a daily commute, or a road bike that trains in the evening will find this light to be one of the safest accessories for them to purchase and use for their nightly ride or evening bike trek. Great job Magicshine! You really did your homework on designing an ultra light, ultra powerful Bike LED lighting system that truly delivers on both the power, engineering design and useability goals that most other Bike light manufacturers are not even close to achieving….Oh and did I mention those companyies have product offerings that cost 2-3 times as much and still have less lumens (read less bright) that the Magicshine Eagle M2?

  4. yamaha_mx_guy

    Great communication with seller got what I needed perfect! Thanks

  5. Cheryl Yonker

    Given as birthday gifts to my son in law and grandson. Both are loving the product.

  6. Daniel Varon

    Item description was excellent!

  7. Saenar Drift

    I think this light it great for trails, as you have the ability to either set it on high, medium, or low, whether you’re in ‘flood only’ mode, ‘spot only’ mode, or if you have the flood AND spot on at the same time, as I show in my video. I’m sorry I had the light aimed so low, as I got a different bracket for this light (this one “MagicShine MJ-6201 Quick Release Mounting Clip for MagicShine Eagle F3 Bike Light”) and accidentally overtightened it, (you CAN do that without stripping it, read my review on that bracket’s page for further details) so I can’t adjust the angle. Going to take the tool with me for tightening it,and adjust the angle while out riding with it. Mine is the review with the title “Very sturdy bracket that WILL work with the “Eagle M2″!” as well as the “Verified Purchase” under the title. I don’t know who this “Jeffrey” person is, but he copy/pasted my review, word for word! Anyhow, I found later, that the bracket can be used for other “MagicShine” lights, (My “Eagle 700” works with it) but I would’nt try any other lights, the only reason I tried, was because I own them both. ANYWAY, back to the review (sorry I got sidetracked, there) The light comes with the mount pictured here, but I got the other one.

    Also, in all honesty, if the light is meant to be mounted to your bars, (especially on a road bike) what is the point of the side marker lights? They’ll both be at least partially blocked by your hands so they most likely won’t help other drivers to see you, and I don’t think they’re bright enough to give any extra illumination…just an inconsequential thought.

    I CAN however, vouch for the lights’ water resistance. The night I went out to test it, it was’nt raining when I left my house, and there was only a 15% chance of rain before midnight, (and as you can see in my video at the lower right of the frame, it was nowhere NEAR midnight!) but would’nt you know it, once I got a good distance from the house, the sky opened up, well, not TOO badly, but it was still raining quite moderately, and made the road (the paved road I use to get home) rather slick (glad I have full fenders!) When I got home, I saw the light was soaked, but just to test it, I let it dry overnight. When I came down the following day and tested the light, it was as if it had NEVER gotten wet! I was and am rather impressed!

  8. sergio.carrera

    Great product, literally illuminates the whole street at night!
    When I first saw this product online I was reluctant, because people were saying that it worked like the real thing, but it was much cheaper that similar lights of bigger brands. It was a surprise. Now I can ride with at least a couple of friends using only my light.

  9. bikelooker65

    Magicshine shines magically!
    First off, anytime you can get a 1200 lumen light for only 60 bucks its a steal. A compact and light battery pack and the light unit is as small and light as my 200 dollar Gemini. The medium and low settings are still quite sufficient for most trail riding, but I put it on high for the technical stuff. Bought an extra battery so I can ride for several hours worry free

  10. ben.kirkpatrick

    Best budget light
    Awesome light dispersion with quality parts. Very lightweight and easy to use. By far the best budget light available. I’ve bought many different lights and this is king.

  11. Judi B Golden

    This is a marvelous light. I like to ride my bike in the early morning hours before sunrise and I can easily see the trail with the 3 light levels. When I had an issue with the battery indicator light seeming to malfunction, the staff at Magicshine were extremely helpful and easy to work with to help me get to the bottom of the challenge, really went the extra mile for me!

  12. Randy Jones

    This is a great light for mountain biking… very bright and long run time. I really like the talon mount. The light can be centered over the stem mans shine right down the trail. This is my second Magicshine product and it won’t be my last.


    SUNSHINE @ NIGHT. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Robert L. Kinzer Jr.

    I was using cheep lights from Wal-Mart when I began riding everyday to and from work. The day I was almost hit is when my son-in-law recommended Magicshine. He described as a train light. He also said it was rechargeable. I saw the price and was hesitant. He further explain he has had his for 10 years. I purchased mine and I can tell that people see me. I can see them almost pull out in front then quickly slam on the brakes. I thank my son-in-law and my Magicshine every time that happens.

  15. Rsndy greb

    So great ,lights up everything road at night and you can see awesome, must have .

  16. liandyk

    Company stands by their product! Great Light! I get out of work late and don’t get to mountain bike during the week unless I go at night. I tried a well known brand but that wasn’t sufficient enough for safe riding and at max output it died halfway through a trip one night. The Magicshine Eagle M2 at half max output was more than enough and barely dented the battery life. Plus, I had an issue with a connector part and the company responded to my email within hours and sent me a replacement part within a few days no questions asked. Impressive on all fronts!

  17. M. Zijlstra

    First of all, this is an amazing bike light for early morning or late evening bike rides through the woods. It outputs a serious amount of light, allowing you to easily avoid any road hazards.

    Overall it’s very well engineered, my only gripe with it (why I haven’t been able to give it 5 stars) is that he mechanism by which the battery is tied to the bike does not work very well for me (the straps are too loose). By putting a piece of foam in between its more solidly connected to the bike, and everything works out, but I wish they had just used a similar mechanism to what they used for the light itself.

    Never the less, overall it’s an amazing light.

  18. Mitchell Parfitt

    The lights are great. The spread of beam and the distance are excellent. Using the remote buttons are good with thick gloves, very impressed. Battery life is looking to live up to what the spec says.

  19. Alia

    Strength of light is really amazing. I now feel so much safer going on a long bike ride knowing I have enough power and light to get me home.

  20. Lizard

    Adjustability and versatility with excellent lumens. Quality for price is unreal.

    Excellent for road or trail riding. The spot and flood modes give you control of your beam pattern. Brightness control and mode gives more control over battery drain allowing for extended evening rides. Light build looks sturdy and feels solid. The cables lock nicely with a very precise and secure feel. The straps feel secure and do not shift around during trail rides. The remote can easily be positioned on the handle bars or even the grips. The quick release mount gives you the peace of mind of keeping your light in pocket when you need to leave your bike. The mount can rotate for directional adjustment and can be done while riding. I cant say if this would result in the mount swivel loosening later on but it has not shown any signs of this so far.

  21. tomfeighery

    Awsome MTB headlight for the right price!
    Super bright, can see everything on the trail even on the lower settings, nice long battery life!

  22. ND Horton

    Great quality
    As described.

  23. Fernando López

    the lights were perfect and very easy to place

  24. BrIan Keen

    Very nice.

    It is a very nice light very Bright

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