Magicshine® MJ-898 Genie Commuter Cycling Helmet

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Magicshine MJ-898 Genie cycling helmet is designed for road cyclists and bicycle commuters. It comes with a front light, side turn signal lights and a rear safety light.

  • 350 lumens max front light, 1x CREE XP-G2 LED
  • Front light: 100 – 50 – 25% – flash modes
  • Side turn signal lights, yellow SMD LEDs
  • Rear safety light, red SMD LEDs
  • Rear light: 4x flash patterns, 1x constant mode, motion sensor
  • Advanced PC & EPS material, light-weight and anti-collision, perforated ventilation design



bicycle helmet with built in lightsHelmet Light

Helmet Light

Helmet Light

Helmet Light

Helmet Light

bicycle helmet with built in lights


Helmet Light

Helmet Light

Helmet Lightsize-chart











helmet led light

helmet led light


mj 898


bike helmet with turn signals

bike helmet with built in lights

bike helmet with built in lights

bike helmet with built in lights

Magicshine MJ-898 is an intelligent commuter bike helmet with built in lights that packs in huge amounts of technology. 350 lumen front LED lamp, bright enough for most urban and road riders during their early morning and late night commutes, yellow left/right turn signals and an smart speed detecting taillight adds visibility from the sides and behind the rider. Remote control is mounted onto the bike handlebar for easy and convenient operation. Brightness level of the front light and side turning signal lights can be adjusted from the handlebar remote. EPS foam covers the frame structure for enhanced safety and best weight to performance ratio, outer Polycarbonate shell is reflective and super tough, providing added protection. Battery compartment is built to house two 18650 cells however only one cell is needed to operate the helmet. Note: only one 18650 cell ships with the product.

  • Integrated PC & EPS, best weight-strength helmet that features high density EPS foam and serial types of solid arc frameworks. On impact, the force will distribute evenly on the the frame structure.
  • The headlight uses Cree XP-G2 LED, maximum luminous flux 350lm(4.5W) and 30 degrees beam angle. The headlight can also be tilted up or down 20 degrees.
  • 32pcs highlight SMD red LED intelligent rear light design to effectively provides the riding safety at night, maximum power 0.3w, Be seen, be safe.
  • 80pcs highlight SMD yellow LED left/right turn signals, maximum power 0.5w, clear and bright.
  • Handlebar mountable remote control.


Box Contents

MJ-898 commuter bike helmet with built in lights

Wireless remote control

USB Cable



1*18650 battery (one cell is sufficient to power the helmet)

User Manual

Warranty Card



Please check out the video below if you are having trouble pairing the remote to the helmet.



Additional information

Weight 78.88 oz
Dimensions 12.60 × 9.45 × 7.09 in
Light source

Front Light: Cree XP-G2
Rear light: 32* SMD red LEDs
Left/Right light: 80* SMD yellow LEDs

Luminous flux

Front Light: 350 lumens 4.5 watt
Rear light: 0.3 watt
Left/Right Turn Signal Lights: 1 watt

Material & Design

Advanced PC & EPS material, light-weight and anti-collision, perforated ventilation design

Power Switch

Helmet power button turns on the rear warning light
2.4G Wireless remote switch can then be used to control front headlight and turn signal lights

Working modes

Front Light: 100%-50%-25%-Flash
Rear light: Steady-warning-slow flashing-pulsing-fast flashing
Left/Right Turn Signal Lights: Flashing-warning


1 OR 2 18650 Li-ion batteries (3.7V 2.6AH)
Default packaging includes ONE battery.


Front Light: 4~11 hours
Left/Right Turn Signal Lights: 11.8 hours
Rear light: 17~108 hours
Runtime based on a single battery





Size Range

M/L 54-58cm

10 reviews for Magicshine® MJ-898 Genie Commuter Cycling Helmet

  1. Ryan Robold

    The Fit:
    The helmet is very comfortable and stays in place on the head. The adjustable back strap is a nice touch and works well. I noticed that the helmet is a little top heavy (due to the battery at the top) but in practice I didn’t notice the weight or experience any shifting.

    The Style:
    I love how the turn signals are seamlessly molded into the contour of the helmet. It’s a very good looking helmet and I got a lot of compliments on the design. The helmet seems very aerodynamic despite its added features and I did not notice any wind noise.

    I love the brake light function of the helmet, I think that is genious. The turn signals are very bright and I noticed cars behind me were more patient and gave me more space when they saw the clear flashing turn indicator.

    The headlight is bright enough to serve it’s purpose and does not add too much weight. I have ridden with other headlamps on my helmet and they feel clunky and too heavy. Only one thing I would like is a way to turn it on without the remote.

    The remote control is small and unobtrusive, however I did find it hard to operate with gloves on. While riding it can be hard to feel or hear the click of the button. Sometimes I was uncertain of which button I pressed because I needed to keep my eyes on the road and couldn’t look to see if I was pressing it correctly. It would be nice if the remote had two small led lights to indicate if the turn signal is actually functioning. Or even a very small beeper in the helmet itself to indicate that the signal is active.

    Overall I think it’s a great product that does add a lot of safety to riding at night.

  2. Jerry Kyckelhahn

    Far more than expected. Bright enough to save your life! Taillight is tremendous – and turn signals if you want them are huge! A total hit!

  3. Harold Holbrook

    I absolutely love this helmet very well made.It fits like a glove. I can’t wait for spring or all the snow and ice to be gone,
    all helmets should have to have all these features just for the aspect of safety alone. your company has exceeded
    beyond compare where others have failed, and if people ask me about your product I will surely brag about all the great features this helmet is AWESOME!!!

  4. superchingaso

    Have had almost 2 months of moderate use on the 2 of these helmets I purchased for my wife and myself and can say they work better than I was expecting by a great margin. We ride in Tijuana Mexico where the streets are in FAR worse condition than in the USA and bike lanes are basicly non-existent. Furthermore, drivers here tend to give cyclist less respect and seems more dangerous than in the states. Our solution to help combat this situation is lots of functional and bright lights! We are very bright in all directions. Seems to really help a great deal because cars MUCH much more often will wait for us at stop signs and intersections. Its like the % level of courteous drivers encountered goes up! The inteligent brake light really works well and the turn signals have the option to run them like hazard lights with the option to overide temporarily by using a turn signal. The remote for the turn signals had a learning curve of sorts for us but once figured out was a non issue. To activate a turn signal the button had to be pressed firmly but quickly or the signal would not turn on. If you press too slowly it did not work. Its just a quick press, not a long one. I am running the glint 100 in flash mode for the rear, another ms light. It is visible from very far behind as well. It is a very comfortable helmet and the weight of it does not bother me at all. I am also running the optional spare battery it can accommodate as well but works just fine without it. I can say without a doubt this helmet makes a huge difference in improving your presence on the road and is worth looking into. I will try to attach a video taken with my phone so not the best quality. Distance at start of video is about 150ft away.

  5. Author Lu

    This helmet is Awesome! better than I expected its very well made and fits like a glove this helmet comes with a headlight taillight and 2 directional arrows and a remote these safety devices are really well made I would recommend one to anyone the safety features alone are a step up from anything I’ve ever seen the companies customer service are very professional and very accommodating is lost my remote they sent me a new one no questions asked. If ever I need another helmet i’m turning to them for a new one

  6. b-dazzle

    Innovative safety lighting for when you are on the road. I am really impressed how this helmet works. I love the fact that there is an embedded speed sensor rear brake light. Not to mention it comes with LED turn light signals, I feel a lot safer knowing people can tell when I want to make a turn. The headlight is bright enough for people to see you coming and they work perfectly during daytime as well. It’s a bit expensive but it’s definitely worth the investment when it comes to your safety.

  7. russthetoolman

    The helmet is an incredible creation. I wanted to tell you to add to the description that the blinkers cancel after turning. I was shutting them off by holding down the button until riding at night I noticed it shut off through the accelerometer. You need to tell people that, you have an awesome helmet, everyone should wear one.

  8. Dave Waddellv

    Nice and bright even during the day.

  9. AMS

    Very nice!

  10. Theresa Beehler

    Police compliment on visibility. Good fit, and lots of compliments on stop light and turn signals

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  1. 0 votes

    Hello, for this helmet, any generic 18650 cells on the market will be compatible. Our customized 18650 cells only work with Monteer 1400 bike light at this time. 

  2. 0 votes

    Hi, The helmet with one default battery comes out to about 426 grams.

  3. 0 votes
    A Hi, When you press on the buttons do they light up? If not, you might have to change out the battery inside the remote. Process is relatively straight forward.
  4. 0 votes

    Everything you need to properly use the helmet is included in the package. The website might have been recommending spare back up units for you. Please note only one battery cell is required for the helmet and only one is included in the package at this point. 

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    A Please refer to this page:
  6. 0 votes
    A Both are both IPX4 rated, which is not to say they are completely waterproof but they should be OK in rainy weather.

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