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Magicshine MJ-906 bike light combo. Including a front light, a rear light and remote control. Ideal for most MTB riders.

  • 5000 lumens of max possible output from 5x CREE XM-L2 LED
  • 100 – 75 – 50 – 20% and flash power modes
  • 2 hours runtime on full brightness mode
  • Light head weighs 98 g, battery 336 g
  • 2.4 g remote control, handlebar mountable
  • 15 lumen red LED rear light
  • o-ring mount
  • When not in use, please disconnect the light from battery.


Frequently Bought Together

MJ-906+extension cable+MJ-6102
Price for all three:   $230.97


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With a theoretical maximum output of 5000 lumens from the 5 ultra bright CREE XM-L2 LEDs,  Magicshine MJ-906 bike light combo produces a 20 degree wide angle beam designed specifically for off road, MTB and trail riding, on full power there is no hot spot, ideally paired with a helmet light for off road use.

MJ-906 does come with a rear light and lower output modes optionally controlled by the 2.4g remote for your travels to and from the trails. For smaller size, weight and cost, please check out the single and double LED versions of this light more suitable for road and urban cycling.

4 constant power modes and a flash mode, powered by 7.8Ah super high capacity Li-ion battery pack.


Newly designed with advanced cooling fins the Magicshine MJ-906 weighs just 98g plus the 7.4V 7.8Ah battery at 336g.


Both the front and rear lightheads mount onto your frame with the tried and tested ‘o’ ring method.  Having said that these new rings are newly designed meaning you only need one, whatever the size of your bars – ingenious!


This new 5000 lumen (theoretical max) Magicshine MJ-906 comes with a newly designed 6 x 18650 li-ion battery  (7.4V 7.8Ah) using velcro straps to attach to your frame, but beautifully molded to make the whole set up less likely to do any damage!

In Use

The MJ-906 makes use of the 5 power modes, giving you the choice of 100%,output, 75%, 50% 20% and then a flashing mode.  Going back to the old scrolling system there is no ability to toggle up and down the modes but for this out put at this price you can’t really complain!   The package also contains a little rear light, and a remote button to control both light heads, also included is a splitter cable, charger and the nylon straps to attach the battery to your bike.  All in all a great new design from Magicshine! You’ll find a cheaper light out there, that offers the reliability of the Magicshine range and the output of this light.

Run Time

2.2 hours of run time on this astonishingly bright light and Flashing mode gives around 7 hours of constant use.


The beam pattern is 20 degree’s so not as wide as some of our other off road lights but plenty for the vast majority of riders.

Box Contents


Tail light

Wireless remote control

Rubber ‘o’ rings

Battery pack 7.4V 7.8Ah


Nylon straps

Warranty card

Y cable or Y adpater

English user manual

When not in use, the remote causes the light to continuously draw small amounts of power from the battery pack, this process will drain a fully charged battery in 1-2 weeks. Therefore we recommend disconnecting the light from its battery after each ride.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 8.661 × 6.69 × 3.15 in
Light source


Luminous flux

5000 Lumens (Theoretical Maximum)

Shell material

Aluminum alloy and plastic


Top Click Switch and wireless remote switch

Working modes

Front 100%-75%-50%-20%-Strobe
Rear 100%-Pulse Flash-Flash-Strobe


6×18650 Li-ion batteries (7.4V 7.8AH) (remote -CR2025)

Power indicator

In Button on light head


2.2 hours @ 100%
3.2 hours @ 75%
5.2 hours @ 50%
10.2 hours @ 20%
7 hours @ Flash





37 reviews for Magicshine® MJ-906 Bike Light Combo | MTB

  1. Joe Macaluso

    All the items arrived in great condition and in discrete packaging, very fast shipping. And the guys go above and beyond than other customer support I have ever dealt with. They provide timely and effective customer service.

  2. esdsix

    I’ve been purchasing Magic Shine lights over the last 5 years. Nothing compares to their brightness, beam pattern and quality. Now that they offer a wireless remote, just makes things even better. Always impressed with Magic Shine. You’ll be the brightest on the bike path or streets at night.
    This model MJ-906 offers a rear (red) LED that works just as well. The front offers multiple settings for solid low/med/high beam and also a blinking option. The read offers blinking options and or solid red options. All can be controlled from the wireless remote. The entire lighting system is supported with a mountable battery pack that has Velcro straps to pin down on a bike frame. The entire package came with a nice nylon zip case with an AC wall charger for the battery pack. No worries, you don’t have to buy batteries for the intense quality lighting you will receive.

  3. Paul Jordan

    I spent a “lot” of time reading/watching reviews on lights that ranged in price from cheap to expensive. This light initially caught my interest but I bought a cheaper unit and soon returned it. I then ordered this light and I am very pleased with the product. It has 4 brightness settings and I usually run it on 2 of 4 during my 30 mile 1.5 hour commute and there is still power for me to operate the rear light and strobe on my way home. I’ve used it for 3 weeks with no problems. I love the wireless remote and overall the unit is very compact with great performance. I can’t believe I used to ride with a little light and nearly crashed a few times. Don’t wait till “the crash” to upgrade your light! I do wish the velcro was a little wider and adding elastic to increase the tension would be nice. Another inch of wire would be nice for people with Tri bikes and mounting the light on the aero bars requires a lot of wire. I think they could reduce the 4 brightness levels to just 3 since the increments are too close. These are all preferences rather than negative points. I do love the light.

  4. Danny Fong (verified owner)

    The MJ-906 is the way the go if you’re looking for a quality bike at a great price. This light is super bright, it lights up the entire path and has great distance as well. The construction is top notch and comes packaged very professionally. I find I only need the 2nd or 3rd light setting and the lighting is very sufficient. The wireless remote works very well and the tail lights is very bright too. For the price of $160 and what you get, you can’t go wrong. I’ve had and used the name brand models and they’re not any better although they cost way more $$. They are degrade over time. Normally to get a light at this many lumens it would cost nearly 3 times the price of a MagicShine MJ-906. I’ll never waste the money to buy a brand name again. Overall, I highly recommend the MJ-906.

  5. Patrick F Pendergast

    Awesome light. Years ago I started with a mag light taped to my helmet. This light is the brightest I have ridden with. I road bike in the early mornings and need to see and be seen. This light gives me the confidence I need.

  6. CPD

    I just took my first ride tonight and it was amazing. I’m really excited. This lights gives me a whole new way to enjoy the winter once the kids are in bed. I rode for about forty five minutes and there were no issues. The handle bar remote worked pretty well, just a little finicky finding the right touch. But really useful to have right there on bar. You can squeeze it between the grip and the brake if you’re setup for one finger breaking. I have it on the right side by the shifter. Using SRAM guide levers.

    The light coverage was great. Very even. No bright spots or dull spots. Just consistent brightness. I rode on a well-known trail and used 25% for everything except the downhill.

    My buddy rode with his new light which was a $25 5000 lumen light. It had one small bright spot and the rest was kind of washed out.

    I helmet mounted tonight without the helmet mount since that was shipped separately and hasn’t arrived. My helmet was not really set up for a light but I put an old dry dish sponge under the base and then zip-tied it on. That kept it steady the whole time. There was just enough cord to reach the battery pack when it was in the upper pocket on my camelback. No need for the extension cord unless you want a helmet and tail light combo.

    I have no idea if the tail light works since I didn’t hook it up.

    Have fun. Buy this light or the 902 so you can get the remote. It’s the way to go. I have a 900 on the way. Not sure what I’ll do with since this one is so bright.

  7. Michael Hooker

    Awesome light, especially for the price. Better than my older HID Light and Motion

  8. jason Deats

    The light is great.. Very bright and lasts me for hours on hikes. I attached it to the front of a child stroller and use it at night to hike my kid around trails in the local hills around my house.. The remote is what I was looking for so I can control the light from the push bar of the stroller.. I will attach pictures.. I also attached the red brake light to the front to use in low light situations.. Works great so far..

  9. fsilva1965

    Amazing light! Even on lowest setting is brighter then most everything else. Lasts two hours on high, 4 hours on 50%. wireless remote is great.

  10. Christopher Loveless

    For the price it can’t be beat. I ride in the mountains in the pitch black, this little guy puts out so much light I can essentially ride the trails as fast as I do in the daylight. Battery life is great, the remote control button is useful and works perfectly. The only knock I could say is the o-ring mounting system for the light seems like it would be kind of weak. But it has held up fine so far for me for over 20 rides now in pretty rugged conditions. So far so good.

  11. Michael F

    Brightest light I have tried. The title explains how greatly astonished I was when I first turned this little light on. Yes I said little.. this thing is tiny! And wow does it get hot! But don’t let its size fool you, as the best things do come in small packages. My package came without an extension cable, but magicshine had a replacement cable at my door step in 4 days flat! Great customer service plus great products equals a lifelong customer.

  12. jorge reyes

    I have used the lamp twice and it seems to me a very good product was delivered on time very good service at the moment I have nothing to complain about

  13. yojimbo

    Ive used Magicshine products for 4 years now, always thought the products were ace and the service excellent. Mates have sworn by cheap import lights for cost reasons but when they saw this light they changed their minds… instantly. Put it this way they couldn’t see where their own lights were shining.. Super bright, brilliant spread, no bright spots in the centre of the beam… ridiculous amount of power on 100%. Perfect for off road use on all types of track. Best value lights

  14. JC

    The packaging immediately inspires a sense of quality – a smart zipped case with all items foam packed inside. The lights (front and rear) feel solid and have securely attached leads. The battery pack has two long velcro straps, and a curved profile to assist a stable connection to your bike.
    In use, the front light is fantastic. It has a good beam spread and a crisp white illumination. I find 20% power (1000 lumens) more than enough for road use, with 50%-75% easily enough for off-road.

  15. Cor Blimey

    A great light backed up with great service.

  16. Cobbler

    Very even beam with no dark spots. Good balance between width and reach.
    Mount system simple and robust with provided O-rings.
    Easy to use as a helmet light because of the remote switch with big button. Has to be mounted more on the top of the helmet than the front because the light is quite long front to back.
    Switch on the light is very large with a positive action – easy to use with cold hands or gloves.
    Battery is a hard plastic unit with very long velcro straps so very easy to mount on the bike.
    Cables also compatible with Genesis bike lights.
    Battery until lasts the specified time even out at a temperature of zero degrees C.
    Rear light has a steady mode and a few flashing modes. Very small and light but very bright.
    Overall a good buy.

  17. uscyclist

    This light is SUPER bright.
    Super bright light, battery lasts a long time, the little button remote works great. Comes with a nice case. A really good value.

  18. ojaiendo

    Very good… must have

    I really love the light… it’s very bright. I highly recommend…

  19. Bernard R. Ortiz

    I bought the MJ 906 set about 1 1/2 years ago, and I love it. I use it on my power wheelchair, I am never not seen by traffic day or night.(Especially at night) I have never felt safer out on the road thanks to this light set. It is like having my own personal sun on the front of my wheelchair. Its awesome and I’m very happy with the set, and highly recommend it.

  20. Matthew Clark

    I like to go on long rides (sometimes 50 miles or more), and sometimes it gets dark before I finish. I had another headlight that was high quality and worked well, but some sections of my ride are pitch-black, so I needed a lot more light so I could see all around and far ahead — something that most one-piece headlights can’t do, which I figure are more for letting other people see you than for lighting up the path.

    It turns out that 5,000 lumens is a LOT more than I actually need, but it sure makes riding at night much less dangerous! The drawback is that the beam spread might be too wide and be blinding to motor vehicle drivers, but being able to reduce the power quickly should help that (but be careful and courteous anyway!). Oh, and one more thing: with this much light, you’ll draw every flying bug right into your path, so be prepared to dodge or eat!

    The wireless controls work very well, and the high-medium-low setting for the headlight is great. The tail light, however, doesn’t seem very bright, but it might be good enough to be seen by motorists (I’d have to get a 3rd party opinion to know for sure). The wires are just long enough, and entire system is not too complicated to wire up and tie down. The battery lasts a few hours in low power mode, but seems to drain very quickly in high power mode.

    For the casual rider who doesn’t venture far from home and returns before it gets too dark, this is way more than you need. Certainly don’t use it on lighted city streets with any amount of motor traffic. But if you’re a serious rider who frequently takes trips at night of the paved road or outside the city, this is an essential accessory.

  21. Brett

    crazy bright!! hardly 5000 lumens, or 4600 minus tail light, but really bright. and definitely a bit brighter than 902. plus larger batt (6 batteries inside, 902 has 4 and 900 has 2) is still snug on the frame. and some lower settings last 3-4 hours and just as bright as 902 at that lower level! ride all night long…

  22. Curt Hancock

    I received this item quickly in good quality packaging and it upon installation has so far performed extremely well. I recommend ordering the extension cable if you have a large bike otherwise battery placement is limited if you wish to use both front and rear lamps. I ordered the extension cable and was glad that I did. As this is a new item I will have to use it awhile to determine if it lives up to the MFG’s specs. So far I am VERY pleased.

  23. drackett77

    Awesome super bright light!
    My husband love this light! Works very well and just as good as the light his buddy uses that was twice the cost! Great bright light for a terrific price! Works well for my husbands mountain biking needs!

  24. Sam Peckham

    I bought this light to keep my mountain biking going year around. I had been using a shark 500 which was great for the roads but wasn’t quite enough for mountain biking. This light with the helmet mount is plenty to handle technical terrain without issue. Definitely recommend. The major drawbacks for this light are the helmet mount (which is sold separately and honestly not the greatest design) and the size of the battery. The battery is huge and the battery life isn’t that much better than some other lights with similar specs. All in all a good value though.

  25. Eric M Stocki

    Worth the money.
    Held up well, extremely bright. I’ve been stopped numerous times on the trail asking what light I’ m running. Battery life seems fantastic.

  26. Matthew Paulsen

    Great Light, Excellent Customer Service!
    Light is bright enough for technical/difficult trails. Would prefer if there were better helmet mounting options, but it works well enough with some zipties. Mounting to handle bars offers no issues.
    Liked the light enough that I got a second one. After a couple uses the battery stopped functioning properly and only lasted a few minutes. Magicshine offered a replacement and even prepaid for shipping.
    Big fan overall.

  27. Bellinghamster

    Great light pattern!
    I was curious what the light pattern would be like and after a few rides on dark singletrack, I like it. It’s definitely not a spot beam but with 5 individual LED’s it has a concentrated center of light with a wide halo of adequate but less intense light. For streets, climbing singletrack, and gravel paths/logging roads, low beam is plenty. Downhills bump it up a level or two and you are set… Especially if you have a separate helmet light to see into and around corners.

  28. Cliente de Amazon

    Perfecta para enduro de noche!!!
    Mucho mejor que cualquier lámpara china y mucho mas varata e igual de potente que Nite Rider…

  29. 50yearsyoung

    Compact size, wireless remote and excellent performance……high quality!!!!!

    I really luv this headlight, in fact, I luv it so much I purchased a second one for my other bike so I don’t have to keep swapping between the two. It’s very compact in size with massive light output, wireless remote and wired taillight. It will hold its position, pretty much, on the handlebar but placing a strip of old inner tube on the handlebar first will really lock it down!!!! I ride year round in all weather conditions and this is a godsend………zero issues to date with either one…….HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

  30. emmkins

    Great light with one drawback.

    Light is extremely bright, almost like my car’s high beam. Great pattern that covers a wide area near the bike and a spot like beam forward. Easy to set up and use.
    Only drawback is that the battery discharges quickly when not in use. I topped the charge off before storing my bike for 4 days. When I tried to use the light the battery was completely dead. Just remember to plug in a couple of hours before you need to use it.

  31. bayda asbridge

    My husband ordered this light and he’s very proud of it. He jumps in the middle of the night and flashes it in my face blinding me to show me how bright it is. He hates to write reviews, so you get one from me!

  32. Brad Wetnight

    I bought the MJ-906 light set nearly two years ago and have used it exclusively on my commuting bike. It’s been soaked in the rain, frozen in 0 F ice storms, and baked in the hot sun on the hour ride into and from the office. The kit came with a nice soft storage case, a front light, rear light, remote, battery, charger, Y splitter, mounting O-rings, and an extension cable. Everything still works as it did on day one, with the exception of the battery which I just now replaced. Good thing replacement batteries are relatively cheap! Compared to the cost of the NR lights and replacement batteries I use on my mountain bike, these are much more affordable for daily use. The O-ring style mounts are sturdy enough for road use and probably light trail use. The lights are bright and the remote works like a charm. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and bought some more Magicshine products (two Seemee 60’s) recently due to the quality and value I got from this purchase.

  33. Richard T

    Amazing light

    I bought my light for a tadpole recumbent bike and had to purchase an extension cable to make this set up work for me. The light is designed primarily for mountain bikes but they do offer a separate extension cable at a reasonable price and this made the system an awesome addition to my bike. If you like to ride in the evenings as I do, this is a great lighting choice and at a really reasonable price.

  34. John Howe

    Great light!

    I use it for night mountain biking and it’s by far the best light I have ever used, I use two lights one on the bar and one on my helmet and with this light on the bar I can barley see the helmet light!

  35. john reuille

    Awesome functional beam and bright.

    I bought this light to replace a fluxient 3x u2 bright head light that broke at the rear switch. Can’t get it fixed. No way to contact the guy. This 906 light is even better. I am picky about beam shape and color of light. This is a perfect nice white light. No blue ,no yellow tint. The beam shape is very good. Fans out wide,concontrated in front of you. Lightly lights up trees on side of road 30+ ft. up. Lights up overhead branches or ceilings. Four settings of light, 1 (low, starts out in) 2,3,and 4 (high) and a quick flashing mode and then cycles thru again 1-4 ,flash.1 is a medium high and 2 looks like high, all the light you’ll ever need. 3 and 4 are omver kill and run the battery down fast. All I use are 1 and 2. Great thing is you get the longer run time of 2 and a bright and focused functional floody beam and l mean bright!!! Love this light and magic shine is easy to get a hold of and work with. Answered my emails right away . Get this light, for road or trail. I use on street and cars will pull over for me when l ride down a residential street with parked cars. Highly recommend this light. Not all the bells and whistles, but an awesome light for the money.

  36. Butchie

    Nice light for the money
    Good light

  37. Frank H

    Magic shines bright on the road and trails.
    really bright, plenty of brightness options, works well on bars though does tend to rotate back from jarring. Haven’t run long enough to test battery life nor tried on helmet yet.

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